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Our Specials

3 Especiales | 3 Specials

1 - Lunes a Viernes / Mon - Fri 11am - 3pm (Incluye Bebidas / Beverages Included)
Servido con: Soda en lata, Jugo, Chicha a Maracuya (escoja uno).
Serve with Soda, Juice, Chicha or Passion Fruit (one of your choice)
2 - Lunes a Viernes / Mon - Fri 3pm - 10pm (No Incluye Bebidas / Beverages Not Included)
3 - Sabado y Domingo / Sat 11am - 11pm & Sun 11am - 10pm (No Incluye Bebidas / Beverages Not Included)

$8.79Arroz Chaufa con 1/4 de Pollo a la Brasa

Chaufa fried rice with 1/4 rotisserie chicken.

$10.21Jalea Mixta

Deep fried shrimp, seabass fish, squid, mussels and cassava with diced tomatoes, fried corn and cilantro.

$10.36Arroz Chaufa de Mariscos

Seafood chaufa rice.

$9.84Cebiche de Pescado

Ceviche of fish.

$11.00Cebiche Mixto

Ceviche of fish, shrimp, octopus and squid.

$8.57Filete de Pescado con 2 acompañantes

Fried fish fillet with two sides.

Pollito Saltado

Pollito sauteed chicken.

$10.13Lomito Saltado

Lomito sauteed beef.

$8.81Pescado Saltado

Sauteed fish.


Shredded beef chunks in green sauce served with rice and beans.

$8.97Aji de Gallina

Chicken in chili pepper sauce.


Diced beef tripe with diced potatoes.

$10.31Churrasquito con 2 acompañantes

Skirt with two sides.

$10.50Chupe de Camarones

Shrimp gumbo.

$8.81Sudadito de Pescado

Poached fish fillet.

$11.00Pescado en Salsa de Camarones

Fried fish fillet with shrimp sauce.

$8.00Chuletita con 2 acompañantes

Pork chop with two sides.